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A Love Letter to the R33 Skyline GTS-t

Published: 12/08/2016

Great pic, great car. Photo credit: Stance Nation   You’ve all heard the boat jokes before. The memes. The insults. The public shaming.   I was once at the lights in my R34 GT-R and watched a young bloke in an auto R33 GTS-t pull up alongside me, with his car rocking a louder exhaust and […]


The Year is 2050

Published: 5/08/2016

The year is 2050.   The government is growing increasingly concerned about the number of football players engaging in illegal activities out-of-hours. Football clubs become incredibly frustrated by the players’ behaviour, because a small number of bad eggs are making ALL footballers look bad. The clubs issue numerous statements distancing themselves from these players, going […]


Twelve Lies You’re Being Fed About Parallel-Imported Cars

Published: 4/08/2016

Dumping ground. Flooded market. Organised crime. Nuclear fallout. Death traps. Do these phrases sound familiar? If you’ve followed the news lately, you may know that the Motor Vehicle Standards Act is currently being reviewed, a process that has taken three years so far. Tucked away in the report was the suggestion that Aussies should be allowed […]


The Rise of the Entitled Douchebag

Published: 15/07/2016

Entry #5096 of ‘Angry Man Shouting at Clouds’…   Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will have noticed that, of late, the western world’s distribution of wealth is becoming less and less equal. In other words, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. In Australia, we even encourage ‘wealth creation’ […]


Biannual Bargain Hunt: July 2016 Edition

Published: 10/07/2016

If you’ve become disillusioned by some of the astronomical prices that GT-Rs and Evos are fetching at auction lately, don’t despair! There are still plenty of great buys out of Japan. Here is a snapshot of what the market is like as of July 2016, which we’ll post for you to peruse every 6 months […]


Imported Cars and the Mainstream Media: Why You Only Hear One Side of the Argument

Published: 9/06/2016

A small article in a mainstream newspaper was passed across my desk this morning, as is often the case when such things get printed. Once again, Joshua Dowling, News Corp’s “National Motoring Editor” and FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) corporate lap-dog, has gone on another attack about how allowing private buyers to import their cars […]


Left Hand Drive Registration: Australia’s Biggest Pissing Contest

Published: 27/05/2016

I recently had the privilege of helping out with the importation of this incredible hypercar: a 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari, valued deeeep into 7-figure territory (a gentleman never tells!). Let’s just say the tax bill alone would be a decade’s salary for some people. As of tomorrow (May 28) this amazing piece of machinery will be on […]


Iron Chef’s Top Twenty Collectible Modern Japanese Cars – Part 2

Published: 6/05/2016

Missed numbers 20-11? Click here. So now we check out the top ten modern collectible Japanese cars. It seems the first installment generated a fair bit of discussion! Bear in mind that the cars listed are only ranked on ability to appreciate in value in the future. If your favourite car hasn’t appeared on the list, […]


Iron Chef’s Top Twenty Collectible Modern Japanese cars – Part 1

Published: 18/04/2016

  Many car fanatics will know that classic Japanese vehicles are starting to find favour with collectors worldwide, with the US leading the charge. The gorgeous Toyota 2000GT sits at the top of the collectible tree, with recent auction prices pushing the benchmark for restored examples beyond USD$1m. The KPGC10 Skyline GT-R and Mazda Cosmo […]


How the changes to Importing Regulations will affect you – Part 3

Published: 7/03/2016

RAWs (Registered Automotive Workshops) Ok so this is part 3 of 3, and is designed to help give context to SEVS changes in part 2. I have to say, there’s a lot to be happy about in here too. 1) WORKSHOP COMPLIANCE LIMITS REMOVED. In the past, compliance workshops were only allowed to comply 100 […]


How the changes to Importing Regulations will affect you – Part 2

Published: 6/03/2016

More good news – there have been some major updates to SEVS too! I have no doubt that many of you will read them and think they’re awesome (which they are!) but you need to remember that this is only proposed legislation – the devil will be in the detail, so feel free to ask […]


How the changes to Importing Regulations will affect you – Part 1

Published: 5/03/2016

It’s worth starting by acknowledging the incredible effort that has gone into achieving what we’ve achieved today. This process has taken nearly two years, and import industry representative groups such as the RAWS Association and AIMVIA have been tireless in their battle for fairness in Australian vehicle marketplace. Special mention must also go to Senator […]


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