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Classic Porsche 911: My Short-lived Love Affair

Published: 12/07/2014

My role as a broker is never dull; each day brings interesting new problems to solve, most of which involves me sitting in front of a screen for hours on end. So it’s little wonder that I relish the opportunity to take customers’ cars to complete the registration process in South Australia where possible. The […]


An Open Letter to Josh Dowling

Published: 5/03/2014   **OPEN LETTER TO JOSH DOWLING** Dear Josh, I read your article this morning, “Imported used cars a threat to Australian market”, as published in various forms by News Ltd mastheads across the nation, with equal parts amusement and incredulity. I appreciate that, as a motoring editor for new vehicles, your job relies […]


E-Fame vs Haters: The Death of Modern Car Culture

Published: 17/02/2014

Don’t like it? You’re just jealous! (Photoshop credit: Mestari Tikku) At what point does a following become a bandwagon?   I’ve been following the highs and lows of one particular internet forum and its associated page on Facebook and have mused over this many times lately. The rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and […]


Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Disaster Strikes

Published: 21/08/2012

It’s a very rare moment when the demise of a car seemingly devoid of any redeeming features reduces two grown men to tears, but I’m happy to admit that this was the case for us. For those who didn’t have a chance to read part 1, I had chosen an 850cc 3-cylinder Daihatsu Move to […]


Journey to the Centre of the Earth…in a Daihatsu

Published: 20/07/2012

    “We’re going to die, aren’t we?” In fairness, my co-pilot’s response was to be expected. With a budget of just one thousand dollars, finding a suitable car to drive from Melbourne to Cairns via the Australian outback as part of the Shitbox Rally was always going to be a tough ask. Sure, there […]


Good Drivers Trump Good Cars

Published: 30/05/2012

By the time I’d finished with it, it had 13×5.5 Globe Bathurst rims, Ramflo air filter, cassette player and colour coded bumpers. Livin’ the dream.   I’m probably showing my age a little here, but my first car was an orange 1974 Mazda 1300 sedan, which I bought from my parents.   ‘The Jukebox’ really […]


Love Performance? Clean the Rubbish Out of your Car!

Published: 26/03/2011

  Everyone knows someone like this. It might be a mate, a sister, a parent, even a boyfriend or girlfriend. A little while back, a friend of mine contacted me, concerned that her car was using chewing through the fuel a bit. That was, of course, a not-so-subtle hint that, being the only ‘car person’ […]


3/11 Tsunami and its After Effects

Published: 25/03/2011

There were a variety of subjects I had lined up for my column this month, but as I type, Japan has just been devastated by a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. By the time you read this column, the mainstream media will have long moved on to other headlines, but I suspect that, like the floods […]


HID headlights: the Pros and Cons

Published: 13/09/2010

  I will start by warning you that this column contains small snippets of facts padded out with large chunks of personal opinion, so don’t try quoting me word-for-word down at the pub and then suing me when you get laughed at or pounded into the carpet. This month’s topic is headlights, of the HID/xenon […]


Speed Limits vs Common Sense: Where do we Draw the Line?

Published: 9/07/2010

I’ve recently had two rather interesting experiences, both of which relate to speed and how it’s policed in our country.   The first one cost me one demerit point on my licence and $220 – about half-way through a 7-hour drive to my in-laws’ farm, I got pinged by a highway patrol car with a […]


Life inside a Toaster: Owning the World’s Squarest Car

Published: 12/06/2010

  As a car fanatic, working as an import broker is, for me, pretty much my ideal job: who wouldn’t want to sit and look at and talk about cars all day? But I have a confession to make – I’m a bit of a ‘car tart’. It’s the downside to being exposed to some […]


Personal Imports

Published: 12/01/2010

Even the most casual of PI readers will know that the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) allows makes and models not sold in full volume in Australia to be imported in small numbers for enthusiasts like us. It’s the reason why cars like the R33 Skyline now populate our cities in plague proportions. But […]


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