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The Blade Trilogy – Part 3: Cutting Through The Continent

Published: 10/11/2022

Part 1 is here, if you’d like to start from the beginning. Part 2 is here It’s always good to have a plan, even if its a rough one. Having the flexibility to change those plans on a whim is very much a luxury, especially when it comes to work and travel. Working primarily online […]


The Boomerang Tesla: a Shocking Tale (Part 1)

Published: 4/10/2022

While Teslas may be fairly commonplace on Australian roads these days, back in 2014 the Tesla Model S was a crazy American electric car that was yet to be built in right-hand drive, and therefore hadn’t reached our shores. It was the era when you could add the letter ‘i’ to the start of any […]


The Blade Trilogy – Part 2: We were told there would be cake

Published: 15/09/2022

Preamble: It has taken me a very long time to write these up and I do apologise. Work Keeps getting in the way…. The events below took place in April/May 2021. Part 1 is here, for those that missed it. It’s not often a man clocks up a lazy half century of solar circumnavigations. Once […]


The Blade Trilogy – Part 1: nOT sUitABle fOr austRaliAN cONDItIoNS

Published: 13/03/2022

I had no real intentions of owning a Toyota Blade Master. But this isn’t unusual. I seldom plan to own any of the assorted automotive oddities that occupy space in my garage, shed, driveway, other shed… Or wherever else I can fit them. They just happen as a side effect of importing cars for a […]


Journey to the Centre of the Earth: The Story Untold

Published: 24/12/2018

Like finding a well-hidden key and unlocking a side-quest, you have found your way into the mythical third chapter of our Shitbox Rally adventures that never made it to print back in 2012. There was no juicy blow-up in the corridors of High Performance Imports that caused this to happen, it was more that I […]


Proposed Changes to Import Legislation: A Turd Rolled in Glitter

Published: 17/08/2017

  Grab a coffee and a Tim Tam or two; this is a long read! After four years, two changes of government, and two separate ministers, it has come down to this. Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher, has announced the proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act, which oversees which vehicles are eligible […]


Takata Airbag Recall for Dummies

Published: 24/07/2017

  With all the hype in the media about the Takata airbag recall, it’s little wonder our phone has been running hot with import owners wondering if their cars are affected. So I thought I’d whip up a quick FAQ (bearing in mind I’m no airbag expert) to help you understand what is going on, […]


Revised SEVS Criteria Thresholds: The good news ain’t so good (part 2)

Published: 1/11/2016

    In part 1, you heard about the worst bits of the proposed changes to SEVS after 2018. If you can’t be stuffed reading it all, the cuts are looking pretty savage – with people movers gone, at least 72% of cars being currently complied via SEVS will be chopped from the new scheme. […]


Revised SEVS Criteria Thresholds: We’re in for a bumpy ride (part 1)

Published: 28/10/2016

    It’s taken me a long time to gather my thoughts and write this article. I’ve tried to give myself as much time as possible to digest what the Department of Infrastructure considers to be a suitable model for the future of imported used vehicles in Australia after 2018; to paint the best light […]


Red Tape, Greed and Persecution: The Death of a Car Show in Melbourne

Published: 24/09/2016

  I’m not actually sure where to start with this topic. I think I’m still in shock, but mostly, I’m just exhausted and really disillusioned at how things have arrived at this point.   As many of you will know, I have been part of a team of car enthusiasts who has been running ‘All […]


A Love Letter to the R33 Skyline GTS-t

Published: 12/08/2016

Great pic, great car. Photo credit: Stance Nation   You’ve all heard the boat jokes before. The memes. The insults. The public shaming.   I was once at the lights in my R34 GT-R and watched a young bloke in an auto R33 GTS-t pull up alongside me, with his car rocking a louder exhaust and […]


The Year is 2050

Published: 5/08/2016

The year is 2050.   The government is growing increasingly concerned about the number of football players engaging in illegal activities out-of-hours. Football clubs become incredibly frustrated by the players’ behaviour, because a small number of bad eggs are making ALL footballers look bad. The clubs issue numerous statements distancing themselves from these players, going […]


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