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An Open Letter to Josh Dowling

Published: 5/03/2014   **OPEN LETTER TO JOSH DOWLING** Dear Josh, I read your article this morning, “Imported used cars a threat to Australian market”, as published in various forms by News Ltd mastheads across the nation, with equal parts amusement and incredulity. I appreciate that, as a motoring editor for new vehicles, your job relies […]


HID headlights: the Pros and Cons

Published: 13/09/2010

  I will start by warning you that this column contains small snippets of facts padded out with large chunks of personal opinion, so don’t try quoting me word-for-word down at the pub and then suing me when you get laughed at or pounded into the carpet. This month’s topic is headlights, of the HID/xenon […]


Personal Imports

Published: 12/01/2010

Even the most casual of PI readers will know that the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) allows makes and models not sold in full volume in Australia to be imported in small numbers for enthusiasts like us. It’s the reason why cars like the R33 Skyline now populate our cities in plague proportions. But […]


Hybrids and Politics: vested interests trump common sense

Published: 18/03/2009

First published in ‘High Performance Imports’ magazine, 2009.   For as long as I’ve been working in the import industry, there has been one hard-and-fast rule – if a car is imported to Australia by the manufacturer under full volume regulations, then it (and variants of it) cannot be imported as a used car under […]


Cars available

  • 2003 Toyota Altezza Gita AS300 L Edition
    Auction Grade 4C
    Odometer 95,000
    Colour Pearl
    Car Location Japan
    FOB Price ¥750,000
    Est. Price (AUD)
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  • 2017 Suzuki Alto RS Turbo
    Auction Grade 4.5B
    Odometer 84,000
    Colour Red
    Car Location Japan
    FOB Price ¥885,000
    Est. Price (AUD)
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