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Japanese Car Auctions

A Day in the Life of a Buying Agent in Japan

Published: 11/03/2009

  Have you ever gone to sleep wishing you could move to Japan to work at the car auctions as a buyer for customers in Australia and around the world? You picture yourself drooling over some of the hottest cars known to humankind, nabbing that winning bid at the last second to secure the perfect […]


Buying Trip Blog – January 2008

Published: 24/02/2008

For a trip down memory lane, here is my blog from a trip to Japan buying cars at auction back in 2008. Days 1 & 2: Blast Furnace to Refrigerator On a 39-degree day, leaving Adelaide wearing tracksuit pants and clutching a thick jacket earnt me a number of sideways glances, particularly as I was […]


Cars available

  • 2009 HS250H
    Auction Grade 4B
    Odometer 102,000
    Colour Black
    Car Location Japan
    Price (AUD) $17,900
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  • 2008 Crown Athlete
    Auction Grade 4C
    Odometer 73,000
    Colour Green
    Car Location Japan
    Price (AUD) $15,900
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