Iron Chef Imports

2004 Fuga 350GT


Auction Grade



2004 Nissan Fuga 350GT
Sports Pack
3.5L V6
Leather Interior
Power Seats
Push Button Start
Rear Camera
Side Camera
Cruise Control
Bose 14 Speaker Audio
Factory 19″ Wheels

$12,500 Landed and Complied

A note about pricing

Landed and complied estimates are based on the exchange rate at the time the vehicle is listed. This includes all expenses except registration costs, a set of tyres and inland transport depending on where you are. We don’t include these items as customers have different preferences with tyres and registration still varies from state to state. Removal of non-standard parts may also incur extra labour costs.

While Iron Chef Imports makes every effort to ensure that estimates are accurate, there will be times when sudden movements in the exchange rate will increase or decrease this final figure, and the more expensive the car, the bigger these changes will be. If you want an up-to-date estimate on this vehicle, feel free to contact us.